CHARLES & KEITH Group owns two fashion brands – CHARLES & KEITH and PEDRO. The Group is headquartered in Singapore and operates more than 600 stores worldwide with a global staff strength of more than 5000 employees.

CHARLES & KEITH is a lifestyle brand that transforms the latest trends into accessible fashion through its product offerings of bags, accessories and costume jewellery. The brand is the fashion destination for stylish urbanites and is synonymous with curated collections of relevant designs. From a single store in 1996, CHARLES & KEITH has grown to more than 500 stores in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, with a strong presence in fashion cities such as Dubai, Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai.

PEDRO was first unveiled in 2006 with a line of footwear for the modern working man. As the brand gained in popularity, the women’s line was launched in 2008 to provide an avenue of style for ladies. From contemporary footwear and stylish bag designs for men to sophisticated footwear and petite accessories with confident femininity, PEDRO has become an embodiment of heightened fashion acumen with its array of footwear and accessories for chic urbanites. The brand operates in Asia Pacific and Middle East and continues to expand rapidly.

What remains at the core of the Group since its establishment is a commitment to customer satisfaction, its spirit of innovation and mission of inspiring fashion.