HR Coordinator

  • Chemical Industries (Far East) Ltd
  • Jurong Island, Singapore
  • 06 Mar, 2018
Permanent Labour and Employee Relations 3 Years Advanced Diploma / Diploma $2500-$2999

Job Description

  1. Computerize and upkeep employees’ particulars, i.e. residence address, contact no., family records, leaves administration, training records, etc
  2. Administrate shift schedule for shift employees.
  3. Administrate shift employees’ overtime time accounting
  4. Maintain and review staffing with respect to approved Organization structure.
  5. Manage appointment, confirmation and resignation letters.
  6. Facilitate recruitment through liaison with recruitment agencies, advertisement agencies and web-recruitment facilities to maintain staffing requirements.
  7. Facilitate welcome session and organize Orientation program for new employees.
  8. Formulate Human Resource policy, implement, regulate and review the policy.
  9. Formulate an abstract of the Human Resource guideline as a handbook for all employees.
  10. Perform and update job description through job analysis.
  11. Perform staff appraisal assessment summary and grading formulation. Prepare and submit appraisal assessment report. 
  12. Conduct compensation surveys via available sources.
  13. Promote and improvise knowledge exchange program between individuals.
  14. Manage and coordinate in-house training sessions and liaise with external agencies for external training programs.
  15. Formulate and introduce Assisted or funded Education/Training plans for employees.
  16. Administers application for SDF and other approved government grants.
  17. Handle medical reimbursement claims.
  18. Administer disciplinary procedures on employees who committed wrong doings.
  19. Organize special function or ad-hoc recreational activities.
  20. Provide support to Management in relation to Employment and Industrial Relations laws.
  21. Keep abreast of HR development in Singapore.
  22. Foster relationship between all employees, Union and Management.
  23. Any other duties that may be assigned by Management from time-to-time.

Job Requirements

  1. Using Service Quality to foster relationship between employees and Management.
  2. Manage employees’ particulars.
  3. Shift scheduling and employees’ time accounting
  4. Management & coordination of training.
  5. Compensation, Welfare & Benefits Management.
  6. Recruitment facilitation.
  7. Monthly Human Resource reporting.
  8. Management of Administration process.
  9. Management of Purchasing Requisition & Order process.

Position Level

Junior Executive

Working Hours, (eg: 8.30am-5.30pm, 9am-6pm)

8.15am to 5.15pm

No Of Work Days


Number of Vacancy to Hire